International Chiropractors Association


Protecting and nurturing the growth of your professional chiropractic practice

ICA's distinguishing feature today is the same as it was in 1926 – advocating for chiropractic.  For nearly ninety years, the ICA has advocated and, when necessary, litigated to support the chiropractic profession and patient choice. 

You are a valued member of the ICA community and the ICA works with you to help strengthen your practice through select partnerships with service providers.  ICA partners include:

Payment Processing:

  • Heartland, Payment Processing for Chiropractors, offers special pricing and discounts specifically designed for Chiropractors and their offices. PCI and HIPAA compliant. Accept credit cards, debit check service and even auto-draft payments.

Professional Liability Insurance:

  • ChiroSecure, providing comprehensive professional liability insurance for the practicing chiropractor

Personal Disability, Health and Life Insurance:


Office Management Software:

  • ChiroTouch, providing complete software solutions for the chiropractic office

Staff Development:


HR Management and Payroll:


Regulatory Compliance: