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ICA Pediatric Council's Annual Conference in Las Vegas receives rave reviews for exceptional educational program

Pediatrics Council Chair Lora Tanis, DC, DICCP
An enthusiastic crowd of more than 200 DCs from all over the US, Europe and several provinces in Canada, gathered at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas, October 16-18 for the ICA Pediatric Council’s 24th Annual Conference.   “It was awesome,” said a doctor who was attending for the first time.  “The speakers not only knew what they were talking about, but they were very open to questions and engaged with the audience, which is different from many other conferences I have attended.”  “I was blown away by the amount of knowledge and experience many of the speakers have in pediatrics,” exclaimed another, “I learned a lot.”

ICA President Dr. Michael Mclean welcomed the attendees on behalf of the ICA.   He expressed his thanks to the Pediatrics Council for its leadership and commitment to quality chiropractic pediatric education.

The conference program covered a range of clinical topics from posture to dyslexia, hypotonia, plagiocephaly, impulse adjusting to chiropractic management of unusual pediatric cases, toxins, diastasis recti in pregnancy, MTHFR and methylation dysfunction.   There were also important non-clinical topics, such as the upcoming conversion to ICD-10 codes and what it could mean for the future; the importance of documentation and risk factors of insufficient or inaccurate documentation; community involvement with the Straighten Up program; and risk factors of social media and confidentiality issues with smart phones.   

Speakers included Pediatrics Council Chair Lora Tanis, DC, DICCP;  Pediatrics Council Vice Chair and Editor of JCCP Sharon Vallone,  DC, FICCP; Chris Colloca, DC, MS; Stephanie O’Neill, DC, DICCP; Ben Lynch, ND; Christine Anderson, DC, DICCP; Glenn Maginnes, BAppSc(Chiro),MSc (Paeds); Ramneek Bhogal, DC, DABCI; John Maltby, DC ; Sam Collins, DC; Alan Lovejoy, DC; and Barbara Bellione, RN.

Research paper presenters represented three different institutions – Pamela Gindl (Palmer-Davenport), Katie Pohlman, DC, DICCP, MS (University of Alberta) and Chantal Doucet, DC, DICCP (University of Quebec Trois Riveres).    

Attendees also heard from doctors who are spreading the message of chiropractic globally by helping young people in underdeveloped regions of the world.  Warren Bruhl, DC, DICCP spoke about his full-time mission work in South Africa and the Dominican Republic and Stephanie O’Neill, DC, DICCP and her husband Ramneek Bhogal, DC, DABCI of their outreach program in underserved areas like the Fiji islands.  Their experiences and patient stories were heartwarming and inspiring. 

“I want to thank the doctors who came and those who emailed us later expressing their thanks for a great weekend.  It is always motivating to get positive feedback, it makes us want to do more,” said Council Chair Dr. Lora Tanis.  “Our goal at these conferences is to provide continuing education of a high standard because it is important that practitioners looking after this patient population remain at the cutting edge of their clinical skills and knowledge.”

“The Council’s next annual conference will be in New Orleans, December 11-13, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency.   New Orleans, a melting pot of different cultures, gears up for the holiday season soon after Thanksgiving with extravagant decorations and fun family events, so we encourage doctors to plan ahead and bring their families.  We intend to present another great educational program but also include group tours and off-site events for fun.  I invite all DCs to join us December 2015 in fascinating New Orleans to enjoy another new experience.” 

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