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Continuing Education, Leadership, Networking and Community
The ICA’s council system provides professional networking and state of the art practice and patient focused continuing education for clinical advancement in chiropractic.  The council system also provides valuable opportunities and resources to develop and strengthen community leadership roles for its members.

The ICA is a leader in providing ethical, academically sound, clinically relevant postgraduate programs, as well as, continuing education for license renewal.  All ICA programs are oriented toward expanding knowledge and expertise in the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic in relation to the vertebral subluxation complex and its impact on health.

Council on
Chiropractic Pediatrics

The Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics is a specialty council of the ICA.   Council members are committed to providing chiropractic care that is safe, drugless and clinically appropriate for pregnant women, infants, children and adolescents.

The council offers a Diplomate in Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics (DICCP) which is a board certified credential in pediatrics for doctors of chiropractic administered by the ICA Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics and co-sponsored by a CCE credited college.  The council also advances quality pediatric education through its conference, symposiums and seminars conducted globally.
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The council publishes the only peer-reviewed, public access chiropractic pediatrics journal the Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics.

Membership in the ICA Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics is open to all licensed doctors of chiropractic who care for children and/or pregnant women.  Benefits include: 
  • Listing in the Council’s online membership referral directory
  • Special registration rates at Council conferences and seminars
  • Discounts on ICA products and publications
  • Complimentary subscription to the Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics
  • Complimentary subscription to HORIZONS magazine that focuses on case studies, clinical articles, and the latest research relevant to children's health.
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Philosophy CouncilCouncil on
Chiropractic Philosophy

Established in 2001, the ICA Council on Chiropractic Philosophy advances the understanding of chiropractic philosophy through education and published materials.  It promotes continued excellence of patient care and the unique philosophy and scientific approach of chiropractic adjustment to the public.

Education and the Diplomate in Chiropractic Philosophical Standards The Council offers a Diplomate in Chiropractic Philosophical Standards (DPhCS).  This unique post-graduate program is available through the Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina and at the Center for Chiropractic Progress in Chicago, Illinois.  ( and
JOIN US:   Membership in the ICA Council on Philosophy is open to all licensed chiropractors and chiropractic students.  Benefits include:
  • Diplomate in Chiropractic Philosophical Standards tuition discounts
  • Discounts on ICA and Council products and publications

Council on
Upper Cervical Care

The ICA Council on Upper Cervical Care supports and advances interest in the practice and advancement of upper cervical specific protocols for patient care in chiropractic. 

Education and the Diplomate in Chiropractic Upper Cervical Procedures
The Council offers the only specialty postgraduate program for doctors of chiropractic in upper cervical care, the Diplomate in Chiropractic Upper Cervical Procedures.

Membership in the ICA Council on Upper Cervical Care is open to all licensed chiropractors and chiropractic students. 

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Council on
Applied Chiropractic Sciences
The Applied Sciences Council is an international specialty council committed to enhancing clinical excellence, cultivating educational growth, and expanding communication and networking resources to better serve and enrich the capability of the doctor of chiropractic and the capacity of the profession to provide optimal care to patients of all ages, everywhere in the world. 

The Council promotes advancement of clinical knowledge and case management through programs, resources, credentialing systems, and research protocols.  The Council serves as credentialing body for Chiropractic Certification in Spinal Trauma (CCST), Diplomate in Applied Chiropractic Sciences (DACS) and Consortium for Imaging and Thermography credentials, and sponsors programs in clinical science and technique.

As a membership and advocacy organization for chiropractic doctors and students, the Council provides informational and research resources, including clinical developments and applications for advancing chiropractic as a unique, distinct clinical science, discipline and art in health care.  Benefits include:
  • Listing in the Council’s worldwide online referral directory
  • Discounted registration at Council programs
  • Discounts on ICA products
  • Complimentary subscription to the Council’s Journal
  • Complimentary access to Council resource files on case studies, clinical research, professional and patient education resources
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Council on
Wellness Lifestyle Science

The Council on Wellness Lifestyle Science promotes advanced wellness and lifestyle intervention expertise within the chiropractic profession.  

Doctors of chiropractic understand that optimal health and lifestyle are connected.  Support your role as a leader in wellness lifestyle intervention through council membership, and serve your patients with greater effectiveness, professional confidence and clinical insight.  Membership benefits include:
  • Featured listing in the worldwide ICA Science Council Membership Referral Directory
  • Special Discounts for Wellness Lifestyle Council Seminars 
  • Discounts on select publications from the Wellness Lifestyle Council and the ICA Store
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Council on
Fitness and Sports Health Science

The Fitness and Sports Health Science Council serves as a source for community health networking, educational and clinical resources. The Council empowers practitioners to advance health through exercise in the chiropractic paradigm. 
Council programs and services address:
  • Chiropractic care in sports – from competitive athletes to family fitness
  • Research in strength & conditioning effectiveness/safety
  • Optimal performance enhancement/injury management protocols with chiropractic
  • Advances in clinical applications from sports science research
  • Optimal approaches to patient/community outreach/education
Council programs feature: Symposium on Natural Fitness & Sports with Arnold Schwarzenegger, a multi-disciplinary educational and networking conference with leaders in sports, rehabilitation, chiropractic, and family fitness. Highlights/registration:  Council Blog -  and Symposium Info-Site -
The Council highlights research and clinical applications relating to chiropractic, sports, rehabilitation and community fitness with special focus on techniques, strategies/resources for performance enhancement, injury prevention, and case management.   
Membership categories include Doctors of Chiropractic, Faculty, Affiliate (non-DC), and Student opportunities -- a community of clinicians and fitness professionals. 
Benefits include:
  • Listing in the Council Membership Referral Directory
  • Priority registration, special discounts for “ICA Symposium with Arnold”
  • Access to Council’s information/education services
  • Discounts on sports resources, publications, apparel
  • Complimentary subscription to Council news/research publications 
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