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ICD-10 Transition Training - Free Webinar Series

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A 4-Part Webinar Series on
Transitioning to ICD-10

Part 1: ICD-10, Audits and Going to Jail.  How the new diagnosis codes have nothing to do with doing time

In this era of mandated “compliance” with Medicare’s rules, there has been a lot of talk about misuse of diagnosis codes being connected to providers going to jail. The good news about all of this is CMS has already stated that October 1, 2015 will be the start of a “soft” implementation period for ICD-10. This means that the CMS will not deny claims if ICD-10 codes are not exactly the most accurate.

Join Dr. John Davila for this fast paced and well-referenced Webinar Replay  that will cover the exact details you’ll need in order to deal with ICD-10 correctly for the next 12 months.

When: August 20, 2:00 p.m. (Eastern)

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Part 2: Mastering the Encounter Codes of ADS

As the ICD-10 deadline looms, it makes sense to learn how to comply with standards set by the Federal government so your practice can function at its highest level. Register now to learn what you'll need to prove your encounters. Solid documentation will give you peace of mind... and let you write less but say more in your documentation by using the rules to your advantage.

Join Dr. John Davila now by watching the on-demand Webinar Replay.  Just click the link below. 

When: September 17, 2:00 p.m. (Eastern) 

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Part 3: ICD-10 & GEMS. Converting Diagnosis Codes in a Subluxation Based Practice

Moving from 15,000 ICD-9 codes to 70,000 ICD-10 codes surely must feel like you’re trying to eat an elephant in one bite! But, with the right tips this process can be broken down into smaller chunks that will make converting your codes easy and painless. We will break this down to be specific to the most typical codes an office would use for their most typical cases.

Join Dr. John Davila and Jennifer Dickinson as they'll take you through the process of choosing the right codes while showing you the free tools that are on the web to save you thousands of dollars a year!

When: September 24, 2:00 p.m. (Eastern) 

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Part 4:  Last minute ICD-10 Webinar.  Prepare for the October 1st Implementation Date
Topics include:
  • HOW THE CODES ARE DIFFERENT: Structure and length of codes have changed
  • A-D-S: How and when to use the new "extensions"
  • DOCUMENTATION: Learn what the new codes will require in your documentation in order to correctly prove necessity

Join Dr. John Davila and ICA President Dr. George Curry and learn how to convert the codes you typically use from ICD-9 to ICD-10

When: September 29, 2:00 p.m. (Eastern)

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John D. Davila, DC

John D. Davila, DC is an expert and consultant on documentation standards, medical necessity issues and CMT Codes. President and CEO of Custom ChiroSolutions, he provides custom solutions on billing procedures, Medicare compliance, treatment programs and other strategies to help DCs run a successful and compliant chiropractic practice.

A graduate of Palmer College, former president of the South Carolina Chiropractic Association and a Lifetime member of the International Chiropractors Association, Dr. Davila has published numerous articles, work guides and other publications for single physician and small group practices to take the guesswork out of “necessity” and ease the implementation of a safe system to help prevent fraud and abuse. His goal is to help the DC on coding issues and get them in the right direction for compliance in billing, marketing and documentation.