International Chiropractors Association

SICA Scholarship Programs

There are two special scholarship programs currently available to students through their ICA membership: The Arnold Schwarzenegger Chiropractic Scholarship and the ICA Auxiliary Scholarship.
Information about the ICA Auxiliary scholarship program:
The ICAA (ICA Auxiliary) awards a series of scholarships annually to qualified students through the Alma Neilsen Perpetual Scholarship Program. The ICAA, a dedicated group of individuals including office staff members and doctors’ spouses, field doctors, DC office staff members, and family members, conduct fundraising efforts for the ICAA’s Alma Neilsen Perpetual Scholarship Program for qualified SICA members. 

The ICAA Scholarship Program for SICA members is an important benefit of student membership in the ICA and is a central component of the Auxiliary’s goals and efforts. Since its inception, the purpose of the Auxiliary has been: to gain a more knowledgeable understanding of Chiropractic with patients and with the larger community; to be better able to aid chiropractors to succeed; to aid the sick to become well; and to champion the people’s right of choice of a doctor and of a form of health care.

PLEASE NOTE: This ICAA scholarship is an ICA Membership Benefit. You MUST be a member of the Student ICA in good standing to quality for this scholarship.
  • To join SICA, you can JOIN ONLINE or DOWNLOAD the SICA Application to fax or mail to the ICA offices.
  • The ICA Auxiliary Scholarship program applications are offered on an annual basis.
  • The Applications for the individual year are made available with the start of the new calendar year, and announcements are circulated to the SICA membership.
  • The deadline for application submissions is posted on the application for that year’s ICAA Scholarship program.
  • The announcements of students being awarded ICA Auxiliary Scholarships for that year are made at the ICA Annual Meeting.  The Annual Meeting is scheduled at slightly different dates during an individual year, but are typically conducted in the late spring / early summer months of the year. Those students being awarded that year’s ICAA Scholarships are notified in conjunction with the ICA Annual Meeting.
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(The ICA Scholarship application has multiple components and the portfolio of application sections are submitted each year to the ICAA Scholarship Chair – contact information is included on the Application Form)
Information about the Arnold Schwarszenegger chiropractic scholarship program: 
A special ICA Chiropractic Scholarship Program was developed by the ICA Council on Fitness and Sports Health Science in conjunction with its annual partnership with Arnold Schwarzenegger for the ICA Annual Symposium on Natural Fitness and Sports, and in honor of Governor Schwarzenegger’s longstanding support for ICA and for chiropractic.  This involves preparing and submitting an essay to the ICA Home Office. Essays are accepted on an annual program basis from all members of the Student International Chiropractors Association (SICA). Scholarship applicants are asked to submit an essay on the theme of “The Human Spine - A Structure Designed to be in Motion.” This theme has been chosen to focus the attention and awareness of chiropractic students on the relationship between healthy exercise and a healthy spine. Candidates are encouraged to use their imagination, creativity, and the research record to develop an original paper.  They body of the essay is to be concisely and clearly developed, not to exceed 1,250 words, and the essay submission is to include series of references and footnotes. 
  • The essay contest is conducted in the winter, and notices regarding the scholarship program are sent to the SICA membership and posted on the ICA website.
  • The deadline for essay submissions for that calendar year’s program is announced with that year’s scholarship program notice; in general, the deadline is the first of February.  
  • The Arnold Schwarzenegger Chiropractic Scholarship program is conducted through the ICA Council on Fitness and Sports Health Science and the International Chiropractors Association and is a scholarship opportunity for student members of the ICA.
  • PLEASE NOTE: This scholarship is an ICA Membership Benefit. You MUST be a member of the SICA in good standing to quality for this scholarship.
  • To join SICA, you can JOIN ONLINE or DOWNLOAD the form to fax or mail to ICA.
  • The Scholarship recipients are selected by a 5-member panel, with submissions blinded to assure objectivity.
  • Scholarship award amounts will be of a minimum of $1,000, but are variable up to $2,500 depending on the number of winning applications submitted in that year’s scholarship program.
  • The successful applicants are presented with their scholarship awards by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Annual ICA Symposium on Natural Fitness in Columbus, Ohio, conducted over the first weekend in March.
  • The essays that were successful in the selection process for the Scholarship will be published by the ICA.
The inaugural Arnold Schwarzenegger Scholarship was awarded during the March, 2007 Columbus weekend by Governor Schwarzenegger. Subsequent Arnold Schwarzenegger Scholarship recipients have been featured in news announcements by ICA.  For example, the 2010 recipient of the scholarship award was a student ICA member and President of the SICA Chapter at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa (Dr. Andrew Schieber); the story about the Arnold Schwarzenegger Scholarship that was awarded in 2010, with a picture of Dr. Schieber being presented his scholarship check by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, is posted in this ICA News Release.