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Unprecedented New Congressional Bills Seek to Sharpen State Vaccination Mandates, Officially Deny Vaccination Risks or Injury Potential

July 22, 2015, Falls Church, Virginia:  Three new congressional initiatives have been introduced in the current session of the US Congress that seek to significantly sharpen federal demands that states have stringent vaccination mandates in place or face denial of federal funds, and to also officially deny that any risk of injury exists in any vaccination process.  “These unprecedented initiatives represent a dramatic new level of potential federal enforcement of a national vaccination requirement and simply ignore an individual's right to choose; it should be my body-my decision" said ICA President Dr. George B. Curry.  “All citizens who value their personal freedom and all health professionals who believe that questionable research with pharmaceutical influences are driving public policy on medication and vaccination have reason to be gravely concerned.  ICA believes it is vitally important to bring these issues to the attention of the profession and the public and to encourage a powerful response in opposition to these anti-personal freedom and dogmatic vaccination mandate enforcement efforts.”
The first of these new bills, HR 2232, the vaccinate all children mandate, was introduced on May 1, 2015 by Rep. Frederica Wilson of Florida, and seeks to amend the Public Health Service Act to prohibit the Department of Health and Human Services from awarding grants to public entities of a state for preventive health service programs unless the state requires each student in public elementary or secondary school to be vaccinated in accordance with the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. The bill provides an exception only for students whose health would be endangered by vaccination in the opinion of a physician conforming to the accepted standard of medical care."  
The next bill in this new wave of proposed legislation is HR 933, the so-called Head Start on Vaccinations Act, which was introduced on February 12, 2015 by Rep. Anna Eshoo of California.  This bill would amend the Head Start Act to prohibit the enrollment of a child in a Head Start or Early Head Start program unless the child's parent or guardian: (1) provides the program with information establishing that the child is vaccinated in accordance with the pediatric vaccine list; or (2) submits a signed agreement to provide such information and consents to the provision, by a program employee or other health care provider, of any vaccines on the pediatric vaccine list that the child has not yet received. It would require that information to be provided on an annual basis in order for a child to maintain enrollment in such program.  It would also require any child who is not in compliance with such requirements to be removed from such program, but provides for the exemption of children for whom the administration of such vaccines is medically contraindicated.  The bill would also authorize the director of a Head Start or Early Head Start agency to use program funds to: (1) administer the required vaccines to children, at the request of the parent or guardian; or (2) assist the parent or guardian in gaining access to the required vaccines.  
Perhaps the most alarming of all of the new initiatives is a sense of Congress resolution House Resolution 117, introduced on February 13, 2015 by California Representative Adam Schiff, officially titled Recognizing the importance of vaccinations and immunizations in the United States.   This sense of Congress resolution, which already has over 100 co-sponsors, commends the international community, global and domestic health organizations, the private sector, school and community leaders, and faith-based organizations for bolstering global and domestic health through vaccination.  It also seeks to officially affirm that vaccines “save lives and are essential to public health, and economic and national security.”  
The most significant sections of this resolution state that the lack of vaccination can cause a public health crisis, that “…the scientific and medical communities are in overwhelming consensus that vaccines are both effective and safe, and the dissemination of unfounded, and debunked, theories about the dangers of vaccinations pose a great risk to public health,” and that there is no credible evidence to show that vaccines cause life-threatening or disabling diseases in healthy children or adults.  It also encourages a continued commitment to research to improve vaccines and develop new vaccines.  No reference whatsoever to investigating vaccination safety or injury risks or informed consent is even mentioned.  
For many decades, the ICA has maintained an official policy statement on vaccination issues which reads as follows:

The International Chiropractors Association recognizes that the use of vaccines is not without risk and questions the wisdom of mass vaccination programs.  Chiropractic principles favor the enhancement of natural immunity over artificial immunization.

The ICA supports each individual’s right to select his or her own health care and to be made aware of the possible adverse effects of vaccines upon a human body.  In accordance with such principles and based upon the individual’s right to freedom of choice, the ICA is opposed to compulsory programs which infringe upon such rights.

The International Chiropractors Association is supportive of a conscience clause or waiver in compulsory vaccination laws, providing an elective course of action for all regarding immunization, thereby allowing patients freedom of choice in matters affecting their bodies and health.  

“This resolution has been introduced and has strong support even in the light of tens of thousands of personal tragedy cases where vaccination injury has taken place, a mass of scientific information documenting such risks and the billions of dollars in federal vaccination injury compensation awards given out by the government,” said Dr. Curry.  “Every citizen has cause for concern and every citizen should make their voice heard on these alarming issues. ICA will continue to keep the profession informed of these and related issues and will be active in educating lawmakers of their serious and very negative implications.”  
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